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We work with the Editorial Manager program in order to keep the peer review process running swift and smoothly. Please keep the following in mind when submitting an article:

  • Submitted articles must meet the requirements as described in the author’s instructions below. If you are having problems, please contact our managing editor at
  • By clicking Submit an article, you will be directed to the log on page in Editorial Manager, where you first need to register via the link ‘Register Now’.

Before submitting your article, please make sure you that you have (i) anonymised your article, (ii) written an abstract of max. 250 words and (iii) provided your article with max. five key words. Please check before you proceed.


  • ELR only accepts original publications.
  • The author maintains copyright.
  • When submitting an article, the author is requested to agree with the terms as described in the Consent to Publish.
  • Working papers are allowed to be uploaded prior to publication in ELR provided there is a mention announcing that an article based on the paper is forthcoming in ELR.

Please click Submit an article to send in your article for publication on Erasmus Law Review. You will be directed to the Editorial Manager homepage.

Please register as an author In Editorial Manager. After registration you will be able to submit your article. Please provide us with the following data when registering:

  • your name and title(s)
  • your current position
  • the company you are currently working for
  • the address of your company

You will be asked to choose between submitting a new article or a previously published one; please choose whichever applies. Please make sure your article complies with our author’s instruction. When submitting an article that was previously published elsewhere, make sure you have all the necessary rights and permissions to publish the article with Erasmus Law Review. By submitting an article you accept our terms and conditions as stated in Creative commons license.

Authors’ instructions

Authors' Guidelines May 2022

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